Easter weekend





Easter long weekend well spent with good company, great food, and fantastic love.

It was an intense foodie weekend.

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I think if I were to delete you. It will look like a lifetime of pictures and memories of you to be deleted.

A lifetime.

That sounds like a long time. But yet, we are only together for awhile. Probably.

Looking back at every picture we took, those are the valuable memories of us in good times. Whenever we have a minor meltdown, I forced myself to scroll and look at these pictures. They will remind me, and us, on how much we went through just to realize that no matter what, we are at our happiest just being together.

A lifetime.

A lifetime of tears and joy, and sometimes we wonder is it worth it to put each other through it all. But deleting you is not as easy as deleting everyone. Because every memories and pictures are plastered all over my mind and life. At every turn and chapter.


A lifetime is a long time. I hope I am brave enough to see it through the end of it.

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Maybe we should teach them some manners too

It comes to my revelation that the older Singaporean are getting obnoxious and rude. They seemed to think that it’s their deserving right to keep rattling on and on and disrupt the relatively quiet peace in the public transport.

They would throw a dirty look if anyone sat on the reserve seats, and thinks that it’s only solely for them and them alone. And they think they are allowed to throw vulgarities at anyone and everyone who stand in their way.

I understand that they are the pioneer generation, and the ones whom paved the way of present-day Singapore. But that doesn’t allow them to be forever in the foul mood and making any destination unpleasant with their constant rattle and vulgarities.

And if they are not happy, they will scream “stomp” like it’s a police, judge, jury all at the same time.

And while yes, we must give up out seats for them, we don’t deserve the screaming and black face when we are seated at “their” seat. They weren’t there when we chose to seat on those reserved seats. And we know better that these older generation needs these seats more so than us.

We will give those seats up, don’t need to scream the minute you see us seated. We still need a second or two to react!

I think while the government decides to teach the community a thing or two about respect and courtesy, maybe it should consider teaching the forgetful older generation a but of patience and manners too.

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Do you remember, like it is yesterday.

The month of April.

It have always been a trying month, since the last year til now. It is really a trying month.

A month of tears, and joy at the time. A month of pain and memories. A month of madness and sanity. It is truly, a month to remember.

This year, it is less painful than the last. But we are just not quite there yet. But at least my love, is trying hard with me. Holding me even tighter, and give me that strong shoulder to lean on.

Not to mention all the surprises he install for me, every single day.


“I want you to be happy.”

But baby, I am at my happiest when I am with you.

April 8, 2014. Feel what I feel, Hugs & Kisses, It's LOVE when you know it, You and Me. Leave a comment.

It hurts

How much should I get beaten up , before I walk away. Away from someone whom I can actually share a life with.

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Class is dismissed.

It’s just one of those days where you screamed for 6 hrs consecutively. Running and rushing up and down all over Singapore to teach. The weather was being an asshole literally. And the bus was a torture to wait for.

It’s just one of those days whereby your voice is husky, and your throat sore like a bitch. And you keep forgetting your stuff, and basically you left one item in each school.

Yep. It’s one of those days.

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Sexciting Sunday.




Thank you for a nice Sunday.

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To you, with love

To the man who gave me the world. For picking me up from work. For making my life slightly easier. For giving me endless love and giggles.

PS: I love you


Guilty because he always pick me up from night class. And today he got the day wrong, and he waited for me to have dinner together.

Tomorrow I shall buy you the largest dinner ever okay!

March 19, 2014. Hugs & Kisses, It's LOVE when you know it, You and Me. Leave a comment.

Something worth holding on.


Thank you baby. For everything.

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We come so far.

Don’t lose faith sweetheart.

You can do it. You come so far. You cried on your last birthday. You can feel crappy on this coming birthday. You know he loves you.

But is he trying to marry a woman to work for his family. A woman whom will be slave to the family business for the rest of her life. Or is he marrying you for you.

Where do you stand?

Don’t give up sweet child. Not just yet.

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