Epic truth. 

Recently I met up with someone I knew for so long. Make that, 11 years long. Never had I ever let anyone know about this little “scandal” if you deem that it is what it is. For we are friends for so long that it is just strange for us to be in any relationship, other than friendship. 

But Sunday, my flower Sister asked me if we had a connection. I was shocked that she noticed. And denying it will be stupid. But truth to be told, we have been in each other lives since graduation. In and out, intertwined, somehow we are comfort for each other whenever we had left a relationship. In happiness, or loneliness we were there for each other.

Life do play games with you, or at least to me. And my flower sister said that maybe we should take to the next step. Since we have always been there for each other. 

Everything felt so normal. Like it is meant to be. But deep down, we both know. Somehow we simply can’t. 


Just realised how much I owe it to myself. I cannot give in anymore. Even if I lose friends, or anyone insignificant. If I can’t say yes to myself. Who will ever do that for me. 

I have grown into a bigger bitch. And I can’t help it at all. I am sorry. 

This trip is turning into a mess. And honestly I should have gone there by myself. 


I swear to you that mothers are always right. Just say I was telling her my holiday plans with the girls, my mom warned me about the newly wed Girlfriend. And how she will have mixed feelings. And true enough, just 1hr later, she backed out!! 

Honestly! Nothing to say.