Planning and decision

2016 is coming to a close. And I thought that I would be Glad, but in the end I have more worries. 

What should I do next year? Continue my work in schools or convert to full time in a ballet studio. The idea of earning more verse the idea of a stable income. 

I thought I had all planned but yet again, I have nothing planned. I’m sitting on the fence unsure what to do! It’s getting on my nerve and of course the idea of getting old, and wanting more in life is honestly killing me as well. 

Schools give me more freedom to actually travel or take a break as and when I like, but that is of course come with an unstable income cons. I’m subjected to the school forever messy schedule where the Teachers and Schools will never know what the fuck are they planning for the year. Talk about bad management. 

Studios give me the straightforward work that I like. The students actually hungry to learn, and the joy of teaching is more present. But I can go on breaks, without the bosses (correction; 1 boss, make that the Russian as well, to whine and annoy the shit out of me. When she herself can do whatever she pleases). 

Still not coming to a conclusion and still brooding for the next few days. I wished I can talk to somebody. 

I need sound advices. 

Sorry but not sorry. 

I love weekends. Cause I’m always get treated like a queen. Thanks babe. 
Can’t believe that my babe pull such a stunt. “I want to cook for you and your girls. Ask them over, I will call my friends”, he said. Singing and dancing into the night. It’s just so magical. Twirling me round and round and ending me back bend and kisses on my forehead. Seriously it’s just so romantic. 

You outdid yourself