Job opening

Just got offered a job, blatantly in my face. Unsure if I should be taking it, do I take that leap of faith and go into it. After all, I have lost everything. 

Maybe I should be talking to someone. But the question is who? I used to have someone close. But now, it’s seemed like I am no one to listen to my inner thoughts. 

Friends and family are close to my heart, but there are some things that should be decided on my own. 

Maybe I should ask Stranger, to give me his honest, unfiltered biased and objective opinion. 

Oh what have you done? To be reduce into dust. Denise Ong I seriously pity you! And look down on you. 


Cooked dinner, have a bottle of wine/beer and a tub of ice cream. Karate kick here, yoga headstand there, and a twirl around the kitchen. Holidays, solo trips, food, and America. 

Who knew life can be that simple. 

Freeing myself. 

We met. It’s the most painful thing. To know that I am not someone worth fighting for. I can see it in your eyes, and I knew that it’s a lost case. 

Today I shall be free. You have lost me, wholeheartedly and entirely. 

Good night. 

The nights are the hardest. I simply can’t sleep. The clock ticked by, and the world keep slips into a deep slumber, one at a time. And here I am, wake awake. 

The nights are the hardest. In the day, I can meet my friends. I can have my family around me. I can feel safe. But at night, I am lonely. 

The nights are the hardest. Where I walk aimless in and out of bed, looking out the room and up to the sky and wonder why God? What have I done to deserve all these? 

The nights are the hardest. When I realised how much I still love you, desired every inch of your body curl up around me. Cuddling and protect me and breathing softly down my back. 

The nights are the hardest.