Today I watch my ballet girls school performance. It was an invitation that I couldn’t refuse. Their excitement and eagerness to show and present what they work hard for, I simply couldn’t say no. 

It brought back so many memories of my time in school. All the hard work, just so people I love would enjoy the final piece as much as me. The joy of being on stage. The joy of the spotlight. 

I missed it terribly 

And as I type this, it struck me to wonder what is it like to be settled down with children. Seeing these proud parents, looking on lovingly, and I just have to wonder about mine. 

At 29, everyone have settled down, many with children and many with their life set in order. 

At 29, I can’t help but to feel like my life is in a limbo right now. Caught in some inception game of dreams and reality, and pretty much still lost in transition. 


The year just started and already it hurts my brain. I thought Someone who is willing to take his chances with me. Don’t trust me at all. 

At all. 

If the least trust, that’s you can’t muster. Then why stay with me. Last night, was terrible. You asked me what do I want. 

Happiness. And right now I’m not happy. I’m sad more than I’m angry now.