You bitch. 

Fucking hell. Don’t try to cheat me. Really. I rather be poor than to be used by you. Wtf so angry. 

I am not stupid. Just because I study dance. I may not be an accountant or some god-damn marketing or finance grad. Don’t try to do something so dumb as to undercut me. Your rates is already far below what everyone is paying. And don’t think so highly of yourself either. You ain’t that great. 
Like fucking pissed! 

Tuesday depression. 

Strange dreams keep recurring and I need to know why it is happening. Why is it that people dream of things that are not meant to. Why is it that my Mother can have weird dreams of him, talking and having a conversation. What the fuck does that even means? Why is it that people around me, are asking me questions. I thought everything is over. But I guess it is still far to being over.