Happy Birthday (:

Sunday, I had a fantastic dinner with Menghooi, Alice and James to celebrate Menghooi’s birthday. The conversation and all were superb, and it is nice to know that even though we have gone different ways, we still have a lot to gossip and talk about. Ade joined us for drink at Red Dot, where Menghooi tried that Green Monster (:



Then onto Monday (: I watched the Gala with Paloma, it sort of ignite my passion for dance. And all of the sudden, my body itches to move like them. Hahahas, I know it sounds fuck corny.

I was like talking to Rob last night, he is like asking me how am I and stuff. And I told him that I am tired of teaching and might be going back into dancing. And he was laughing in amusement, saying that just last year, I said I was tired of dancing! And that I am such a fickle-minded person.

Come to think of it, it is kind of funny but that is the way I am. Which I found it to be a terrible habit of mine.

Oh I finally sew all the silly sleeves for my kids at Yumin Primary School, which the help of Mummy (: The company is seriously trash, like they are totally too lazy to find the props or do anything. All they did was to ask me to source and make, when I am being hired to teach and nothing more. If I did not do the sleeves, my poor kids will be costume-less, cause the company did not care.

I just want them to have some fun.

Argh, tomorrow I got to wake up at 5.45am.


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