Alice in the Wonderland

First I got lost in Shenton Way, walked around the area in three complete circles. But finally I found a student, and stalked her from behind (while eventually we’re trying to figure out the place together). Then I was briefed by the disorganized organizer, and tried waiting for my kids to arrive.

That’s when the total chaos started and lasted til 10pm.

Thank goodness, I expected that and was well prepared for all of them. I was armed with make-up, rubber bands, hair nets, thousands of pin, a comb, bottle of hair spray and finally a lot of chocolates and gummies to shut them up.

The rehearsal was in a total mess, far more worst than the rehearsal at Katong Mall. Til now, Yana shouldn’t be screaming her head off, til now the music cue and lighting cue should be perfect, for it is only a matter of black out or not. But yet they can get it wrong time and time again.

Dinner was another perfect mess ): Seriously, we have to go and get the food for our kids as the Katong Mall staff know nuts about anything. I can never rely on them at all, only on Shelia and Fanny. I was proud that we were able to take care of the our students at United Square.

Parents are horrible! They simply crowd the place and demand that we should wait on their children on hand and foot. I was rolling my eyes like a thousand times, in my heart of course, and smiled sweetly. All they did was to crowd my personal space for me and my students. And what was worse they aren’t the parents of MY STUDENTS.

What can I do but to IGNORE them, cause they ain’t my problems. Parents of United Square kids were on the other hand FANTASTIC. They left their kids with us in total trust and left us alone to deal with their hair and make-up. For they know that they can’t do anything anyways, so they might as well go and have some fun on their own.

I was screaming my head off to gather the children and at the same time, shoo-ing those silly parents for hanging around for god-knows-why. The show was about start and they still had the cheek to hang around their precious, refusing to let go! *Roll eyes a million times more*

After the parents left (like finally as I was already frowning, and mind you none of them were United Sq’s parents), I was left with no helper to man at least 20 CRAZY KIDS. But they were quite funny and very much entertaining with their clapping games and splits and a lot of nonsensical laughter. I was like the mummy bring them to so many toilet trips. I was like a dog trainer as well, armed with a lot of chocolates to filled hearts content.

I was going mad, as so many were impatient to get on stage. the amount of whining was enough to bring any sane person, pretty much INSANE.

Finally, the moment of truth. I was happy for them. My butterflies, they did great (: After all the screaming and the re-runs and madness, they finally pulled through and did well. I was happy. And to have parents thanking me for whipping them all to shape, it felt damn good.

10pm sharp, I raced out of the messy place cause I simply didn’t want anything to do with ‘Alice in the Wonderland‘ anymore. Plus I was very hungry, as I didn’t even had a chance to eat at all. And and I was anxious to see adults in a normal non-screaming environment (: Furthermore, James was already waiting for me outside of DBS tower one.

Thank goodness, this happens ONCE A YEAR.


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