OMG, that engagement ring is so CUTE (: I want something like that except a classic cut. But that will be ages before I get one.

Anyways, I back-track and re-read some of my posts and suddenly realised that Singaporeans are fucking kapo (: ahahahahahas all the gossip forum and stuff, we just love to pry into people’s life and criticise them like as if our is one god-damn of a perfect life.

Seriously, I think our lives are so boring that we need to surf and comment and post up ‘disgracing’ pictures/blog/video online, to let the world ‘mock’.

I realised that teachers can never express themselves fully, just cause we are constantly under the scrutiny of many. We are expected to be clone drones that just teach and teach and teach. We should not have any boyfriends, we can’t hold hands in public. Neither are we allowed to reprimand anymore, simply because people found that sort of image disgracing and vuglar.

Teachers are all supposed to teach, be a spinster for life and die in misery.

That is what is being expected from us. Slave our lives and serve the children, parents and school’s reputation. And we can’t produce any result, we are asked to leave. And when we do not have the ‘sufficient’ experience, we are told to work somewhere else, and come back another time with better ‘experience’.

Schools are pathetic, they only think about themselves and nothing more. Without the support or budget, we are supposed to perform MIRACLES. Silly, and what do the teacher-in-charge and principal do? Absolutely NOTHING (:

Well, that might sound bias. Cause I have come across schools that have fantastic enthusiasm. But now I am talking solely about one school alone. (:

I am glad that I don’t have to go back anymore. It was a good decision, even though my 2010 may look a little blurred. But I am glad.

Talking about it, I think I need to get back whatever things I loan out to the school.

*woot* Christmas is coming, and seeing my old old friends for parties and dinners (: LOVE IT.


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