Sunday Sundae

Arghhh, I woke up too early, like 9.30am too early. LOL. Anyways, I am left alone at home, while James is trying his luck and fooling around in the SIA interview.

I wanted to go out doing light shopping, buts a little lazy. So I was surfing about the girl being molested on NYE countdown, at Soliso Beach. And apparently she is actually a HE (: Fucking tranny. Ahahahahahahas… So now there is no need to cry outrage, since she/he was going around flirting and hooking on guys. Check the website, . She is quite interesting.

Hmmmmmm, I feel like I need to go for my monthly foot reflexology. Buts, I’m tightening my belt ):


The 1st week has gone back pretty fast, and along the way both of us have decided to apply for a place. It was a hasty decision, just cause of some unforseen circumstances ( we planned to apply ard March or April). And it is all the way in Yee Tee, Chua Chu Kang. Hahahahahas Freaking far I tell you, but we have decided not to be too choosy on our 1st home, since housing choices are not very good, new houses tends to be in those far-flung areas. And plus, we don’t intend to stay in our 1st home for long, probably 5years max maybe.

I wanted the flat just on top of the shopping mall, BUTS the prices are double the usual (!?!?!) Which is insane.

Everything is planned out, 4-room, and 1 of the bedroom will be converted into a walk-in wardrobe (: I can imagine the screams from my girlfriends, just like the Heineken Ad. The other room will be Guest/Study room. The new houses are SMALL SMALL SMALL, But we’ll have to make do with it.

I am already like surfing the web, looking through the interior and planning. Cause it is not wise to spend so much on the renovation if we are planning to move. And the cost of everything, needs a lot of planning. And that means, I MUST BE A CHEAPSKATE and save every penny I’ve got.

Can you imagine, I have to wait for fucking 4years before I can move in, and that means I will already be 25years old when I get married. LOL old old old…. And it is not helping when I put on some weight now.

I have got to work hard now. No more slacking or impulsive buying.


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