Brainless fucks.

Are Ang Moh teachers better? HUH?

Seriously both having the same qualifications and yet parents are fucking blinded by the mere colour difference. Sometimes, I am really disappointed at these Singaporeans. Whereas expats simply don’t give a shit about such things.

Why? Are we like that inferior in any ways???

So long the children are comfortable with the teacher and she is not complaining, should the brainless parents demand for a Ang Moh?

Why are you causing problems for the front of staff and the giving major stress for your child? And when they cry insanely, you blame the management for not letting you in to comfort your child. And mind you, problems never did arise when they started their 1st class with their 1st teacher.


I shall not say anymore, cause I am feeling pissed all over again.


In fact, I am having numerous bounds and waves of PSM. I am feeling very gloomy, ultra moody and very much irritated. It could be that I am worrying a lot these few days.


The applications for the BTO is officially closed. Now I have to wait til March before I know whether we have the unit.


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