Random-ness struck again

Friday night, I had like a smashing good time with Wanjie (: We were supposed to meet at Paulaner for a drink. But alas, we head down to Dbl O (: Since we wanted to dance.

James warned me about the wolves, but I didn’t think that it would be that bad. The ratio was practically 10: 1 girl.

Everybody there were like swinging their bananas and started sword dancing on the dancefloor, over at the counter… Practically at every turn we went! So many losers, old folks and practically all were NSman. I was being very rude, highly annoyed when everybody were cuddling and squeezing the air out of us, I was stepping and shoving.

Classic Xiao Ting behavior (: Pity that she couldn’t join us, or else it would be double the whammy fun (:

Truth to be told, we never really dance, but mostly talked over at the Pool Room. We were having so much fun by ourselves (: But that was shortlived, guys coming over were like trying to get us to their table.


Headed down to O Bar, and what a lousy crowd. Danced to a few of our favorites, and *bam* out again. I think being on a proper dancefloor is much better (: Roomier, slightly, at least.


Saturday Night, went down to Wanjie’s place to exchange and take back my phone. LOL. Classic, I took her cards while she took my beanie and phone. Then out to JB for dinner/supper with my favorite boys, Scott, Zavier and James ((:

On the way there, there was a lot of karaoke from the three boys. Almost songs after songs after songs. They were so silly, that I was in stitches (:

Kuay Chap there was lovely, and bloody cheap. Petrol was dirt cheap, nothing comparable to back home.

Awesome (:


Oh before I end off, after clubbing James and I were like at the carpark when he went on rambling about presents and gifts. And I told him that it is highly unnecessary to give me anything, after all he has already gave and done so much for me.

But he went on and on, and I was like thinking what the hell was he driving at. Then I saw his finger holding something shiny. And I was taken aback!

Hahahahahahahahas, seriously taken aback.

Thanks love.


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