Seeing them make me realise that everything is all worthwhile.

Hahahahahahs, today there was so much laughter and smiles.

Initially I was there to get some errands done, but I sat there chatting and understanding what the fuck is actually going on. Seriously (: I felt that whatever time I had with them is so worthwhile. At least I know not all efforts are wasted (:

So much information was shared and I am utterly amazed at how some students were breaking the team up, with so much bitch-ness and back-stabbing. These three were so two-faced that I am quite disgusted, especially when they cried crocodile tears time and time again.

Oh wells… There is nothing much anyone can do, except to simply keep quiet and let these three run the show. After all, there is no point at all.

Why bother to fight.

There are so much displeasure and unhappiness were shown BUT yet none of the teachers did anything. In fact, all of them were lazy and would pretty much avoid such ‘trivial matter’. While talking to them, I began to understand more of their life and for no clear reason, I wanted to help them. SINCE no one bother. They reminds me of… ME!

Ahahahahahahs but I think they are far worse than me.

Anyways, since they want to continue dance, I have invited them to dance practices to learn properly. Especially the techniques and stretching, since their current captain and vice-captain are seriously in the delusional world of guy chasing and bitch talking.

With that being said, I just want to tell you that,

“You are welcome to text me and meet up (; And if you want to stretch and dance, join my school’s CCA.”


I am actually quite sad though that next year, most probably that school would crash and burn. But I supposed that screaming and shrieking in front of boys are part of the training now. And hip and butt shaking too.

Complaining seems to be their new pastimes too.


What happened to the old hard-working students I once knew. Gone with the wind, I supposed.

They truly lived up to what I say, BITCHY and VAIN. But 10 times far worse now.


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