Weekend blunder.

Saturday I woke up freaking late. Thank goodness that James woke me up, and I dash out of the house. Ok maybe not literally. I still got to take a cab down, and luckily I was covering classes at Bukit Timah Plaza.

Like that is freaking NEAR (: Wheww…

Hahahahhas anyways, I am like the world’s most kuku person. To think that I forgotten all about my keys, resulting in me not able to go home.. So I hang around AMK Hub for awhile before going home and sat for another hr and half. Hearing my dog barking like mad was insane (:

By 6.45pm, I am in the house… Finally.

I thought James would be picking me up ASAP. But apparently his ASAP was like at 11pm. Sigh… Oh wells, at least I had things to do back home, like gossiping and laughing. I was darn hungry til I was not hungry anymore. Not sure if I am making sense, but yeah (:

Yeah-ness to losing weight (: (: (:

But it was killed by having a supper at Holland Village. Read something in the Cleo that we simply is fatter if we eat during our supposedly ‘sleeping hours’.


Sunday (: is always a lazy Sunday for both of us. A big clean up at his room made me LAUGH (: I am already planning what chores he will be doing in our home.

Mr Mop-man (:

By evening time we are off to vivo, with my secret wishful thinking that I might find a nice nice dress for CNY. Sigh, then I got to do it tomorrow.


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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