I supposed that I will have many TGIF to come (: After all I am only conducting CCA. Sweet…

Anyways, I was supposed to be at a club now having a fine time, but alas, people ain’t responding well. Sigh, if I knew, I would have met Ting on Wednesday night. Oh wells, there will be other times I supposed.

Oh by the way, the school is finally willingly returning my stuff. (: Awesome.

Since I am on the topic of CCAs, I have a draft idea of what o choreograph (: Chinese Tango, some sort. Lets call it ‘Red Dreaming‘ or simply ‘Red‘ even though their costumes will be black cheongsam thingy with nice big flair skirt. I got to make use of their Chinese Dance background after all. Should be quite exciting, since they are responding well. Shall see how things are going.

I just need to know whether if it is so hard to like point your feet? Why do my students have to flex them while dancing. UGLY pls… And not to mention that some even sickle the feet. Holy moley…

Some of my sec 1 are simply downright lazy! Shit, I am wondering if I am having another load of horrible vain students that care only about their hair. FUCK, I got to keep and look-out. I don’t want to have another repeat. Well at least, the teachers are helpful cause they noticed and took the 1st action already. Much better than the previous (:

Recently there have been issues about the opposite sex. Hahahahahas, seriously being around with your girlfriends tends to revolve around men. About their PMS, egos, their rights to be on top and in control, ‘small gas’ as what my jie put it. And many other things. Sigh… Then they in return called us petty, insecured, annoying and a nag. Ahahahahahhas and the debates continues.

My income is very tight. Scratch that, make it SUPER tight. Sigh, I am looking at other outlet of revenue. Setting up a business? Maybe like trying to bring in stuff that revolved around dance obviously.

Thinking of Toulouse, France. But I am not sure if I can squeeze the money out. Maybe in the end shopping again (: In BKK or HK or Taipei. Shall see, cause either that or I save til November and see how things goes.

Sorry if my thoughts are a bit of a jumble. (: My apologies.


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3 thoughts on “TGIF (:”

  1. I want to crash your dance class to shed some fatsss!! ):
    Maybe just take up a small lil place to lian gong! Cannnn?

    &Guess what! I havn’t been weighing myself! Too afraid to see the numbers ):
    Sigh. Cant wait for 2nd of March to come man! ): Feel so fattttttttttttt!! BUT luckily I didn’t have any CNY goodies craving man! Not a single CNY goodies down my throatttttt!! 😀

    Miss you.
    Love, M!!

  2. Ahahahahahas, I know. Like I don’t dare to look at the weighing scale as well. Lucky ass, you are able to resist the CNY goodies. I can’t.. BOO ):

    Waiting for you to be free. Really. Been such a long time since we have a proper meet up

    Loves (:

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