I wonder if you know…

Yes the stupid Tokoyo Drift song is fucking stuck in my head. All thanks to the Boiler’s Live singing, with a whole lot of cheesy dance moves. Hahahas… Anyways, my sisters and I will be partying (: Next week, ladies night at our all time favourite place. Free flow of drink and a gang of saucy ladies, we are dancing up a storm as usual.

Lovely is MIA-ing AGAIN. Forever MIA please, like too randomly too. Got to wait for her til like 1st week of March before we can meet up.

Wanjie’s exams is finally done. And we wanted to go like now, tonight. But alas, not enough kaki and simply too lazy to get out of the house.  As usual. She always tempt me, fucking hell!

Cruel Temptation is a fucked up drama that I am so hooked onto. Seriously!  Fucking shit, it is like pure evil and utterly dragging, but yet I tried to be home to catch it. My parents went crazy til mummy commanded daddy to search it on online, and they watched it til 5am! Ahahahahahahhas, it reminded me of the time they were watching ‘Da Chang Jing‘. They are like driving each other CRAZY.

Fucking weather is so hot that I have been perspiring as I am typing this. I have taken three showers and nothing is helping. Sigh, at least it is night-time, and I will be switching on the air-condition to sleep.

Had lunch with the family today, Nana and I went silly in the library as usual. Nana is the shittiest random girl I have ever know, damn bimbo and utterly funny. And oh I was mistaken as her friend, Nicole. I nearly laughed out loud at her friend, but I didn’t want to make him feel embarrassed.

Tomorrow will be a judgement of truth. And I have yet to find some music for next week dreadful hip-hop competition. Arghhh, the school really know how to throw the students into the gallows. It is literally fish out of the water.


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