I love the Cheshire cat (: It has like the craziest grin and wildest green eyes, and plus it floats and disappear every so lazily. I want a Cheshire cat, it would be awfully fun to have such a random thing in the house.

Alice in Wonderland is so dark and funny (: The setting is so child-like yet mysterious. And in fact, Mad Hatter is insanely sane, which was acted really well by Johnny Depp.  I love Johnny Depp. In fact, I practically love everything that Johnny Depp had acted in, especially in Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy.

I cannot imagine that so next week, it is like dooms day for me, and I am so hot and stuffy in Singapore that I just want to go out of the country. But I have so many commitments, like schools and classes to teach. Sigh.

And moreover, give a change in events, James is thinking of a job switch. So that will means that I have to adjust again. So I think our annual trip will be postponed to a tad later.

Oh and my diet is not working, I am like breaking my diet rule of having a meal a day. Sigh.. I have to work HARDER. But I am in love withkajiki, メカジキ. Which is swordfish (:

Sigh, I ate that on Saturday evening and I was telling James that we should fly to Japan and visit one of those wholesale fish market and eat it straight off, since the fishmongers do provide sasimi services (: I bet that it is so fresh that it would simply melts in my mouth.


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