Friday’s surprise (:

Thanks Stella and Angel for the advance birthday gift. It is absolutely sweet and lovely. And thanks for coming all the way down to return my stuff. LOVE.

Anyways, headed down to Novena to teach and my students are so random. I am forcing them to do something out of their league and they are amazing (: I had a lot of good laughs, and they really practice on their own (: Awesome, I telling you.

Although I do admit that they are ultra vain, but ahahahahas not as bad as the previous. I don’t understand how one can dance with their hair perfectly in tact, without a single strand out of place. They are truly a wonder. I had to force them to let down their hair tie and really, flick and swing their hair about. Seriously they like frogs without a neck. LOL

I have a small girl that is ultra-random. Like she can come for dance without any attire one, and dance away in their uniform without shorts on! How air-head can she get. Sigh.

Some of my sec ones cannot withstand pain, I am not sure if they can get by doing SYF. I have to keep a look out.

My sec3 and sec2 are super funny. (: Trying so hard and forever complaining, but they always get the job done and are very helpful. Now I need to teach them how to teach the juniors, they have absolutely no clue how. Sigh, how to teach SYF like that.

Sec4 are, well just sec4. There but not there afterall, they are just dancing for the competition, and do not want to take part in the ‘Splendors‘ June concert.  All they want is to dance hiphop, and be all that. And when they hear that their understudies are doing the piece for ‘Splendors‘, they too want to take part in!

Like WTF!!

Seriously I am so not going to do so, since they had expressed that they do not want to take part in the concert, seeing what I have choreograph. LOL Damn yaya lor, dumbshit.

Anyways, ‘Breakout‘ last night was funny, but not as funny as ‘Jump‘ though. Just alot of break-dancing, but nonetheless it is entertaining. I have great respect for the girls (: One of them especially could break (: It was awesome, except for some rude Malay boys that talked non-stop and passing out random rude sounds in the midst of silence. Urghhhhh, horribly distasteful. They really think that they are in the streets??

Might be heading to Boiler tonight. And wait, I don’t know why I’m awake at 8.45am on Saturday. LOL random, I am like so tired but yet can’t head back to sleep.


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s surprise (:”

  1. hihi it Rachel =) also went to watch break out. this is my 2nd time, it’s damn funny. Did u have good sits?? I did not =( anyways hope to see ya soon and hear from u. XD Take Care

    1. Rachel??? I can’t remember which (: Do refresh my mind.

      Break-out is awesome isn’t it. But I found Jump a much better repetoire. maybe next year you might catch it. I get get a superb seat, in the middle of circle one, you got to book way earlier, probably a month or two.

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