2days had passed (:

And yes, I am officially old! I have like past the ideal and prime age of 21 and is fast approaching to the mid-twenties!


Anyways, many kept asking how I spent it. One word, ‘Simple’ (: For one, I don’t normally celebrate birthdays, and when I do it is over some nice quiet dinner to talk about alot of thing. This year is the same (:

Monday I met up with Ade of supposedly shopping for pants for the girls, but alas, we went to Far East Plaza and SHOP (: Well she did most of the shopping as well. We talked alot, especially about dancers. What they did, who had changed or who is a total BITCH. Later about 8pm, I met Minyi and Lovely for a simple meal at some German place in 313. There is like so much to talk about, it is a pity that not all my girlfriends could make it. Oh wells, there is always wanjie’s 18 at double o (:

Tuesday, I spent it with James. Slept in, read books/newspaper, played iphone games, and walked about town and finally dinned at California Piazza. It was good, relaxing and being lazy and all! Afterall, such day don’t come by easily at all.

Wednesday morning, I had a good laugh  with Menghooi (: she treated me a brunch at Redstar, which was divine. Dimsum was good as usual, and boy, we do eat alot. We talked about each other bf, and her bf thinks that I am spoilt since I commented on taking cab there. Cause pls, I really did not how to get there.


Anyways, we told each other what our bf said about the opposite party. LOL and damn it was hilarious. We finally decided that we are too full to have another bite, so we headed down to City hall to have a walk-about.

I guess, I am really blessed, so many well-wishers and stuff. I guess that is all that matters (:

Ok, side-note, me and James are so flicker-minded or maybe just super budget 😛 From thinking of flying to France to Taiwan to Bkk to now we might fly to Cebu, Philippines. Ahahahahahs, no matter what we will most definitely fly out to somewhere

Ohoh, my parents and bro are going to Genting this monday. Which is great, since I my parents have not been out of the country since god-knows-when. It would be good to be away from the city into the cold cold mountainous place. The key word in this trip is ‘COLD’ (:


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