Heat, sweat, mosquitoes, fish and Lim Chu Kang

LOL I finally had a taste of what fishing is like. BUT sad to say, I don’t get it. Hanging around waiting for the fishes to bite the bait under the hot sun, and finally be swamped by mosquitoes. Hmmmmmm…

Anyways, to travel to Lim Chu Kang is something I must. The place is so out of the world. Imagine alot of tombstones, greens, factories, run-down and a single rd. Ahahahahahahas you will never get much of these in Singapore.

Whatever it is, I am armed and prepared (: Sun screen, bug spray, sunnies but I regret not wearing a cap and bring a hair tie.

Lawrence cut himself will trying to strike the fish (not sure if I am using the term correctly). And boy the cut is deep, it is like a surgical cut to the index finger, clean deep, precise and straight. I can imagine his pain.

 50 dollars each for three hours, and both only caught a fish each LOL (: Poor thing, apparently singapore fishing spots are simply ____.

Thank goodness it rained only after we pack up to leave.

Ahahahahahas heaven was on our side.


Anyways, I will be flying in a day time (: Feeling excited cause I needed this break. Might be slightly guilty for leaving like that (was planning for a May trip rather than April). But oh wells, sometimes I got to be a little selfish and think about myself.


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