(: In love with Phi Phi

I truly enjoy myself in Phi Phi, other than the fact some stupid SEA LICE bit me, and I have a slightly swollen lower lip!

CB! It was like damn painful ):

Back on mainland, Phuket, we were being stopped by traffic police ): So dumb kena summon just cause James forget to bring his driver license. Apparently his friend, Ryan also kena summon too.

So silly.

Alot of beautiful picture on FB, especially the sun setting. Totally gorgeous and colourful, and utterly unlike Singapore. The pace on Phi Phi was so slow-moving and relax.

But Phuket on the other hand, is similar to S’pore. OMFG! The people there were so rude, one taxi uncle even told us to FUCK OFF since we didn’t want to take his silly rattle old cab/tuktuk. People selling stuff were different from BKK, so irritating and mean. One auntie told us to scram cause we are not buying anything from her shop.


At least food there was superb (: Seafood galore, and alot of local thai food.

Massage was good too, except for some loud Malaysians barging in and talking at the peak of their voice. Actually it’s only one girl. Her friends were great, whispered and talked when they need to. That fat and noisy girl was simply… … BRAINLESS. She just kept talking and talking and talking at the top of her voice.


Anyhow, I love my time there, very hot and super sunny that the road is baked to the max. It rarely rain, probably 5-10mins of light shower and that is it.

Now I am back in SG, taking work head on (:


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