Weekend bummer

Apparently news travel fast!

And til now, I can’t swallow it down, in fact I kept thinking and thinking about the incident. And yes, it is a god-damn small issue and I am sounding like a petty fool. But after all that I have been there for him, and throw a blow out of nowhere, I am fuck upset more so now then the past two days.

I can finally understand how Ade felt. To be pick up and used and toss out once he had enough.

For an old man, he is so bitter that everyone left. But lets face it, you cannot support us, you cannot feed us, and you still wanted us to pay. And the threats after threats that you pent on me, seriously who can take it.

In fact, the time I was with him, I thought he is possessive without a valid reason. In what sense you own me? In what sense am I indebt of you forever? You merely train me, just like any other teacher in the school or outside.

If I came into school without a fuck knowledge of ballet, do you think that you can train me? You are known for not having any patience.

And now, I can really look at dada without thinking about your fuck-up attitude. It will take awhile before I could have a proper conversation. I cannot imagine how she is still able to be there, allowing you to make use of her time and time again.

For you she cannot have a proper off-day without you calling every hour.

For you, she had to talk to every parent or break any horrible news just because you are a coward.

For you, she have to slave her life for your STUPID SCHOOL.

For you, she have to run up and down to do your dirty errands since you are too lazy.

For you, she did everything.

I wonder what will you be if it wasn’t for her. What if she decided to leave and return to build a name for her and not being a total shadow. I wonder how will you survive. You already cannot do without her, do you think you can let her go? You claimed that if we decided to leave, you are more than glad to do so, but apparently that is not the case. I see that the junior under you now are being THREATEN by fuck-up YOU.

You will fail them if they decided not to turn up and help your school. How will they have the courage to leave the school, if you already threaten them. Their heart is not there, but yet you can see it. How silly. Everyone can see that you are just using them as cheap LABOUR.

Sigh, do you really think that you are a super star?


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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