Apparently after the last post, everyone is like asking so many questions. I am fine, really. I am fucking agitated but nonetheless fine. I am simply quite pissed off by their professionalism. Totally!

The Ballet and Music Company is a downright crappy place for both students and teachers cause of the fucked up management.

Lets not talk about me. Lets talk about the students.

Last year’s production was horrible for the branch in Novena. At that thime, Novena branch was simply a franchise, we were having difficulties to get tickets for our students, we were limited to basically horrible side seats and limitation of two tickets per child, when other branch had centre seats and three tickets per child. How unjust is that. It was so obvious, and everyday parents came in complaining to us. And all we can do is to ask them to write an email to the HQ, which I believe nothing was done anyways.

You could see their frustration, but yet nothing can be done, cause we had no say. Never minds.

Lets talk about costumes, Novena branch (being only a franchise then) was forced to undertake stupid and ugly roles for the production. DOOR AND KEYS AND BOTTLES????? Imagine the ugly colours that the children wear and unsightly unitard. Parents did complain too. I can’t blame them, for they do have the right after seeing costumes from the other branches, red tutus or lovely tails and awesome headgear. Not to mention none was dingy brown.

If coulour was not the problem, surely the money and cost behind it was a major problem. Let’s just say that 80dollar for a KIDS UNITARD is hardly justify. Yes they may argue that they had some golden wire key headgear with horrible stitching to the headband, which anyone of us can do it or some fat ugly cardboard doors. Can you tell me which amounted to SGD80? Even my butterflies were simply in leaotard which sew on chiffon-scarf like to the back of the leotard. and ugly gold wire headgear that is not symmetrical and floppy. SIGH!

I did headgear for my last school SYF, and me being a total noob and burning my fingers, were 10 times better than theirs.

And those red/white tutus cost only 90dollars wear far more elaborated than a silly unitard. Not to mention other characters with impressive headgears and lovely details were the same pricing as our kids in Novena.

Really enough said.

All they want is to be that greedy money diggers without doing their job properly.


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