Xiao Mummy (:

I finally met her just yesterday (: And I had such a wonderful time, catching up on things.

Basically we were ranting about how bad the studios are nowadays, that they open up centres after centres rapidly just to make tons of money, without bothering about the standards. Like the bosses themselves insisted that they can promote students as and when they like, be it if they are even good at all. And even so, they can cramp and squeeze as many as 20 in a tiny tiny studio. Classrooms in schools are twice as big as the studios wouldn’t push to beyond 30/class.

And I heard that Pohling shamelessly try poaching students from xiao mummy class into her school. She gave them promises of instant promotion to grade 1 when they have not even completed their primary level, and plus they merely started on primary level.

What?!?! Who is she who deem fit to promote students when she is just a business-woman that know nuts about ballet?

The standards are terrible ): I missed those times when teachers holds such a high regard for, and parents trust them for doing the right thing in training. Now parents flocks to schools that promotes their child without thinking that their child have yet to master anything.

What are these parents thinking???


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