National Day

I was not alone during this National Day week. I thought I would be extremely lonely. But hey I have awesome friends to rely on (: I have friends to text and chit-chat and dance.

Saturday was the ‘moment of truth’, Sprouts finals. We got through to the finals and I am glad. (: We can prove ourselves and do better piece and stuff, cause quite frankly that afternoon, I felt was not a good run ): All the mishap.. But never minds, what is important is the fact that we got through. I texted to those who supported us in spirit (: ahahahhas I was happy la.

After two years of not dancing, I really miss the stage for quite a fair bit.

I think I still have that small ‘dancer’ in me left. Hmmmmmm…

After Sprouts, I met up with Peggy dearest and Alvin (: AND BUTTERED ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT! Sigh in happiness, I love the place and of course the company and the crowd! LOL plenty. Met tons of new people and stuff. Danced with a couple of great dancers, and sing to every songs with Peggy and Yan Yan (: Found a new friend that stayed new us, and he was nice enough to drive us home, even though clearly he wanted to stay on.

Thanks Jason.

Sunday, taught my girls at Clementi and headed home to rest, cause of the night before. Changed and out to meet Dex and Ade for Sushi Tei (: Ahahahhahas Thanks for the treat yeah (: Partied with Dex and a boss of ours. LOL Boiler then Powerhouse!! OMG Dex is mean to throw me alone on the dancefloor, and laugh his head off. I was swarmed literally. Thanks to Yvonne la (: Suppered/breakfast and then knocked myself out cause it was like 8am by the time I got back!!!

National Day itself, I zoned in and out of sleep! I think I partied too much, but what the hell! I only get to do that once in a blue moon. Never in the PAST! Ate only a meal on that day (: Awesome dieting. LOL

Today, post national day, I went out with mummy. Had lunched got nagged and did some light shopping. Mummy finally knew! Clearly was not happy at all. NOT HAPPY. She is upset, as expected of course (I know her inside out). She was unhappy with how it all ended, told me off. And asked me to open my eyes, make more new friends. And finally said that she never want to see him ever again. She thinks that I can be happier off without…

Never minds, going on typing this will simply make me want to drink a whole lot more. I cannot imagine how daddy will react once mummy told him! Sigh………

I need to move out la.

Tomorrow I will be back on the dancefloor of butterfactory! I need to meet more people man. Be surrounded by people and have tons tons of company.

Here I come.

Random text, sometimes, make my heart skip a beat! When will I ever move on again? I clearly am not sure.

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