My heart is shaken BADLY


That statement is as clear as it can get. Period. All this time, I kept it to myself, cause I can never confirm it, and he strongly denies it. But really, after whatever all my sisters have been telling me, I still chose to believe that there is nothing, simply put, I didn’t catch him in action.

I felt so angry that all my closest sisters didn’t tell me that they have been seeing him with another girl, when we were still together, ever so openly on the streets. And when he did see my friends, he hide and turn his back on them.

WTF!!! I know..

Seriously, if they have ever told me all this fuck shit. I will end it there and there and will never get myself into this stupid roller-coaster that he had put me through.

All the talk abt marriage! Is bullshit, I have enough. For those who don’t know..


Make that 2 months after we broke up.

All this while he have been testing me and see if I am a ‘SUITABLE WIFE’. Never once consider my feelings and how I would felt, and putting me down like some trash! Labelling me and calling me plastic. Wonderful. In the end, he treated me like a JOKE for the second time, or maybe third or probably FOURTH time round.

I guess that is cause he is still seeing that girl, which I will not hide anymore. Apparently Candice is an awesome wife-to-be material. That is all. Why bother?? Seriosuly, just end all misery and move on. Why bother going around making our lives so difficult. Cheating makes you disgusting, hateful.

Asking you in your face, and all I get is denial. Fuck it James! I kept thinking abt us, but seriously.. Fuck it James. All this sweet nothings talk, I have been receiving. Fuck it James.

I had enough, I am crying as I am typing it. But not it is ever so clear. I am pissed off to be that fool AGAIN, and I am going to destroy you James.

Remember how you always complain that I am a change person! Well well, yes now it seems that I am a GOD-DAMN CHANGED PERSON (: Fuck you James, I am proving to you that you are simply of those trash that I will pick up and flick out of my way.

You love to be that arrogant, egoistic fuck. GO ahead, I will be that bitch. But I will not scoop your level of shit hole. I will prove that you are simply nothing to me, nothing at all. Nothing to my life, and finally nothing to the world.

You are simply nothing. You are not going anywhere in your life. Aiming far with all talk and no action. And finally no result. Go ahead and continue to aim to your pathetic ‘dream’ of yours. And expecting me to follow you, while you are going around cheating on me?!

Dream on..


I don’t hate you, but you are a loathe-ful person. Your dishonesty and character DISGUST ME. I despise and destest you!

SCREW YOU! You are simply not worth my time and my life. I wasted my years on you!


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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