Why am I like that?

I have just read someone post and I suddenly question myself. About my life, and what am I supposed to do for the next probably 35yrs of my life. I used to have little girl’s dream, and I wonder what happened to them? I used to be fearless, and I wondered what happened to that. I used to be everything, and the world meant nothing to me, and suddenly I have to watch myself.

I have suddenly aged and have suddenly become quite timid of the world.

Day in and out, people keep asking me if teaching is what I will do for the rest of my life. Initially, I would explain myself and what I do, the market for dance, and everything. I thought maybe these people do not understand my job, my livelihood and my passion. All those fucked-up will always asked and give that sickening brow raise.

I mean what is wrong with these white-collar workers. You guys obviously think that my profession is fucked-up, when I actually and easily earned so much better than you. It is only whether I want or not. And let’s count the hours I put in, and the hours these white-collar shit do. HAHAHAHA A JOKE!  And how about them having to report to their superiors and while I don’t report to anyone but myself.

Seriously, just cause you looked good in office wear and travels to CBD area, with a proper office cubicle, doesn’t make you all superior. Look at the amount of shit load you have to clear, office politics and bootlicking you got to do?

Is that what I really want?!! Or rather, what everyone want?

Just last night, I was chatting to friend, or more so acquaintance. And he annoyed the shit out of me, the way he questioned and asked and probed  was almost pushing to being very rude. I know, I don’t don and dress in corparate wear and looking all professional and smart. But really, do you have to push it? I don’t understand why, when you are simply selling some product to me. A stupid plan, that you, yourself will never buy.

Seriously I think most of these so-called white collar shits needs to learn a thing or two of respect. All are fuckers that act as if they are all that, when they simply are not! Educated people simply have no sense of respect or EQ or social awareness. They are so caught up in their own little life, that they forget to use their eyes to see.

As what my mom always say,

“Do you eyes grow at your backside?”


LOL (: I am glad that I am what I am today (:

P.S. I saw something that I shouldn’t have and at the end of the day. It is hopeless and nothing much to say. So long as they are guilty, whatever rights (:

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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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