Hari Raya Eve


Some people are just cowards. I know right.

Anyways, last night was wild! I love Wanjie and crew (: Seriously they know how to get me up and going, making me laugh and all the nonsensical shit amoung them.

I like (:

Now that I’ve told my mother some truth, my mother is clearly not happy! To see the family members of James was so awkward, and having to know that they are concerned, especially his sister. Made me close to tears. I miss her and BingBing, coming from me, to miss a child, sighhhhhhhh I’ve changed so much for him.

It doesn’t matter!!

Life goes on, not matter how painful it’s to know I’m unlucky to met a bastard.

But don’t worry, the karma will bite him but, and he’ll have retribution.

Back to last night, awesome awesome night (: Major loves I’m telling ya! Drink, drank, but not drunk! Woots (: Lotsa mocking, lotsa nonsense, lotsa laughter. Ben was so crazy! I love.. Crazy dancing, with his favourite song, Low (: And all of them were on the prowl for girls, classic.

I can’t wait for Friday at Butter, cause it’s going to be a epic epic night!! It’s loulou’s night to shine, and I’m damn excited. And with everyone there, who would miss it!!

I can’t be bothered already with his shit, cause letting James’s shit in his own backyard is so much better. Cause I can mock at his pathetic work, downfall, and life as a person!

Banker what? Joke, to label himself as a banker, when he hardly meet even 3k/mnth. When people are earning, 20k/mnth. That’s a banker.



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