Christmas 2010

Hotel party on the Christmas Eve is the bomb, I love you all. I love the dinner, and I love the company and certainly help me in remembering that I’m alive.

Leon is seriously lucky, he never once get punished and all. Imagine, Ugly sports bra, disgusting L size ladies tong and knee-high black ribbon stockings and bow tie (:  Hahaha and one person was unlucky enough to wear all of them!! AWESOME. And the crazy drinking games, Alvin is certainly not lucky at all!!! Hahahaha One game, numerous round of drinking, and one drunk boy!

The boys were crazy but the funniest just gotta be Jason!!! Hahahahaha, “I don’t care, use father mother”, joke of the year. I cannot help but to keep laughing and laughing. The sight of his face being drawn like V for Vendetta, seriously honestly is darn hilarious.


Christmas Day, book out at 1pm, seriously stoned but wide awake. Watched ‘Hello Stranger’ and stoned at Starbucks is bliss. And then off to Darren’s place to play Rock Band II, Street Fighter and Fifa (: Midnight, we finally settled down to watch Kingdom of Heaven.  Hahahaha it is a lovely change for once, but I succumbed to wine at the very last point.


Boxing Day, and I don’t wished to stay at home. Someone bring me out pls (: Cause on Monday onwards, I want to be good and dedicate myself to SYF.


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