NONSENSE, I like (:

Denise: Never act la. Anw, do you know any languages?

darren: Hahahhaa. U actress. Me? I kw!!
darren: Saku neh neh tabo lej bo ta han bo sake

Denise: Haha!!! I like (: (: You know. Anyhow. What language is that? Haha

darren: That is darrens language
darren: Hunje!

Denise: Rubbish language (: wahhh you so special have your own language eh?
Denise: Hunje somemore

darren: Yess
darren: Wanna learn not??!

Denise: What benefits will I gain, if I learn it? And do I have to pay for the class? And who’s the teacher? Hmm?

darren: Hmm…
darren: I give u cert la!
darren: Hahahahhahahahahahah
darren: V nonsense
darren: Cnnt take it

Denise: Hahaha you started it 1st what!! Hello, who’s the nonsense one (: hmmmmmm.. Huh huh huh !!
Denise: Wahhh is the cert internationally recognised?

darren: Heh!!! Hmm…
darren: U bring the cert go MOE endorse can alr

Denise: Hahahahaha NONSENSE, my love you’re more nonsense than me
Denise: Omg!!

darren: Hahahhhahaha
darren: R u laughing ur ass of nw??

Denise: It’s raining. Now no choice, cannot go and run.
Denise: Of course la!! You’re worse than me (: (: right anot?

darren: Hahaha
darren: I kw u have been waiting for rain to come. Then u have an excuse!!!
darren: U can always visit the gym love

darren: No
darren: I’m not!!

Denise: Huhhhhh I don’t like the gym. Hehe (: (: (:
Denise: You’re not? Then who’s the nonsense one hmmm?

darren: EXCUSES u fatty!!
darren: We r the nonsense ones!

Denise: Hahaha LIKE (: (: Nonsense together, but not get fat together! Never! I’ll not allow it (:

darren: U don’t allow it
darren: But I approve it!!
darren: Heh!!

Denise: Noooo!! Not fair
Denise: Cannot anyhow approve, I never send in any form for approval at all lor. HEHHHH!!

darren: Oh
darren: Fyi, my policy is
darren: Once mention
darren: Instant approval!
darren: Oops!

Denise: WHAT!! What kind of policy is that? How come I didn’t know about it AT ALL?? HEHHH!!

HAHA, what the hell!

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