I am in LOVE

Johnnie Walker Jet Black party was the bomb!

I thought I would be going alone, since Miss Adeline Ee totally flake me off, without even telling me anything. But thank god I have friends there. Was with Jiayi, dancing the night away (well maybe until 1am). And bumped into Elizabeth and brought Cindy in, it was like a mini-Lasalle gathering. With much love. People there were awesome, music was love. And DJ Skribble  is SEX! Met tons of great friends, and shall start my party life with them, definitely at Filter no doubt, cause Butter now is plain downright awkward. Given the situation..

Doesn’t matter…

And besides, I had a lovely night chat with you. Which was downright hilarious. I do not understand how we can talk rubbish, poke fun at each other and yet get down with the serious thoughts all at the same time. But it was good night, light fun and well loved.

Sunday couldn’t get any better. My students surprised me with a mini pre-birthday celebration. I was so shocked, dumbfounded and certainly very embarrassed. That I went beet-red, LOL. I am so happy, cause I have been crying like fuck, emo-ing like shit, and was under immense pressure. In short, I was literally breaking-down. Drinking like fuck again, and being very very needy.

My ballerinas are certainly a darling to me, and I love them loads. We have so much to talk about and laugh at. And all have their each and every silliness in them. LOL





Maybe tomorrow wouldn’t be so hard. I will strive on, and prove that I am an awesome wonderful and respected teacher.

Have faith, Denise Ong (:


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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