Tame her

Deep down, every wild child wants to be tamed, and be a goodgirl. The problem lies with too many heartbreaks and heartaches.

It is so true, I want to settle down, in a proper relationship and do all those boring stuff. Cause I miss it loads, whatever I am doing may look like so colourful and exciting, but many of times, I just want to do all the boring stuff. All those random slow walks around the parks/beaches/town. Or many random grocery shopping, window shopping. Holding hands and definitely lazy Sundays. I miss lazy Sundays alot.

But apparently nothing seems to grab me.

I thought wow maybe it was you, but alas it turned out to be impossible cause I thought of us in the future and how bleak it would looked. And I thought maybe it could you, but seeing how you may leave Singapore anytime doesn’t sound promising. And finally I thought it might be you, but it turned out to be just attraction, and I am fucking still attracted and having the hots for you.

I like and go for the wrong boys. Hahaha, shit.

Now honestly, who can tame me eh! I’m trying to be a goodgirl, but given my personality, you can’t stop me til you capture the damn freaking heart. Til then..


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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