Back to doing what I do best (:

And so it continues..

Rehearsal will resume tomorrow and seriously feeling just a tad LAZY! But I will persevere (: CANNOT BE LAZY, not now! Hahahahaha seriously, just as I thought I am getting the kick of things.. The stupid weather is weighing me down.

Anyways, tml will be another kickass day, the whole full-shit. Work, rehearsal, and ladies night. Back being that person who didn’t care less. The ‘cock-teaser’ which I seriously deny at all cause. And well, talked to Adeline, by being that hahahah I basically going to make my mother worry.


“You are going to be stuck with me forever, Mother. Deal with it, you can’t kick me out.”

I am sorry but right of this moment, I have no intention to choose. There are many great people out there, that I have to admit, but basically cause I don’t trust myself well enough. Although, sometimes, there is a need. But as Bunnyboy always tell me, “self-control :x” LOL

And anyways, after what has happened, be it James or every single guy that I have dated. I kinda, sort of re-evaluate, and have made myself a new set of rules. HAHAHAHAHA

Rules that Adeline always tsked me about, and how I have strongly always stick and abide to. As usual, but you cannot deny that it helps me alot. Hahaha okay, maybe it didn’t.. Seeing how I have kinda failed. But never mind, lesson learnt.

Never listen to empty promises, especially by someone who many tell me is “all talk, no action”.

And typical Adeline told me to marry for the title/status.Hahaha she is so cock, and I asked her if she could ever, honestly. I could do that isn’t it, cause nothing is real. But haha, I rather not put up with all the nonsense. Or maybe I speak too soon. I don’t know, nonetheless, it is too early to say.

And my dear schools, I am poor. Stop delaying my June payment & all the miscellaneous stuff I bought for SYF!


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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