Give me everything, TONIGHT

“Seeing you all over again, make my heart pound for the wrong reason! LOL you’re so hot, that touching you would probably scald my hand. Anyways, if you ain’t that of a bad boy!! You are certainly a damn of a good catch. But oh wells, you’re a player.”

Last night will be the last time of crazy partying! Didn’t drink much, and certainly didn’t dance either. But boy, am I mad tired and sleepy. Maybe probably we hopped too much last night. And all the crazy check-ins.

Royal Room is awesome, but hardly the place that I’ll hang. The crowd is so different from my usual. But damn, the music is mad awesome for a lounge/bar.

Zouk for the amazing guest DJ and of course reunion with every single people there I know. And definitely cause of Kelvin’s birthday. Running up and down, Zouk, Phuture, Zouk, Phuture (you get the drift) and finally to see babeh pretty much jammed up high! Like what the hell. And here I am, all so sober :s LOL I think my alcohol intake have drastically decrease, that I am in shock myself. LOL (:

We nearly couldn’t make it down to Butter, but we did! For BKK Invaders (: Yay-yeah to that, see the boys, and butterboys. And babeh up on the podium! HAHAHA I just stood in the VIP looking out at her. For the 1st time!! LOL which was quite surprisingly. There I was thinking abt Mr. Wong suddenly! Like wtf, seriously, it’s the same re-run of Monday where I was so bored at butter. And wishing you’re here with me and we could leave together.

Drop-by Nana, and by then I stoned! Like hello, it’s a thaiclub. Totally never did and never will like thaiclubs. What make it worse is that I was so mad tired, I looked like a loser by the stage, sitting down ignoring the whole world, but except my phone. What a loser! LOL I know (:

Finally was supposed to end our night (actually morning) at MBS. But a little hiccup that I shan’t elaborate. Except for a little “fight” and “gangster action” that lead us to have Mac breakkie and home )’: I was looking forward to crash totally on a MBS bed!! All through Nana, that was the only think I could think of. SIGH!! Oh wells..

After last night, I swear to you. There will not have the same repeat of massive club hop! It’s just to tiring. Or simply put, I am just to old for this shit. LOL (:


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