3years later, I remembered too many FIRST TIMES

Looking back at photos sure do bring memories! Hahaha especially the recent photos tagged by Ms Tan Menghooi! Hahahahaha that was when I am just 20, with a recent cutted jet black bob hair, and was attending her brother’s wedding.

I remembered being shy around all of them, shit I should have just be the now me. Up front flirting, outspoken, have a little bit of fun, make them do embarrassing stuff. And possibly took their damn number. But hey I was only 20 then LOL (: (: How would I know how to have some fun.

I remebered, it was also the first time that drank hard liquors on-the-rocks. I remember sitting with her brother’s best friends table.

All men, with just me and Menghooi. And to top it off, I was THE ONLY SINGAPOREAN and THE YOUNGEST at the table, I was already the selected target to get wasted.To make things more interesting, Menghooi left me alone at the table like about 90% of the time to entertain her relatives!

Now you can imagine the fun, we all had!

Before food was served, the buys swallowed down 2bottles of whatever (I seriously can’t remember a whole lot). Hahaha wait maybe 1/4 of the damn bottle is by me. Remember, I was the selected target. Why do guys have to bully the young?!

Right after I was back from performing with Menghooi, the fun begin. I became “girlfriend” of a few of them. I remember that my wine glass never seemed to be done, as it was consistently filled by the boys. By the time half of the food were served, the boys cleared out 10 bottles of hard liquor-of-whatever. They literally sucked everything dry, that they have to settle for wine. LOL (:

Damnit, that night, was also the only night I went to the toilet like gazillion times, to just PEE! The restroom in the bride’s quick-change area was literally my little piece of heaven from those crazy bunch. By the end of the night, the groom stripped, the fathers were singing and a little drunk. And the brothers were doing alot of silly stuff. It was the wildest wedding dinner I had. Everyone refused to go home, just kept shouting, singing and continued drinking.

What was mad hilarious is one of them refused to let me go off with Menghooi and family. I can’t even remember his name now. But doesn’t matter, as recounted by Menghooi just now,

” U two were trying to run away with your luggage.. Remember ? He said he wants to be with u and was holding ur luggage.. So funny !! If I remember correctly, u told him that he has to ask ur mom’s permission before taking u.. Then he go and ask my mum !! Hahahahaha.. Something like dat la.. I remembered my mum was laughing too :p “

Wow, I miss that night, and the boys mainly. Damnit I want to meet them now, and show them that I can drink better and they obviously can’t bully anymore now. And I wonder if they are married now too, especially those random few.

I want to party with them soon!


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