Let the music take control, and cry if you need to.

It feels good to be on stage, dancing, basking in light and having the eyes of the audience on me. On stage, I bare my soul to all to see and understand me as a dancer or person. I want the audience to see my vulnerability, as a girl but yet strong enough. I want everyone to see that I have changed into an older, sometimes emotional but yet hopeless-romantic person.

Dance have always make me look back to my past, and make me think about whatever that happened. Dance make me feel alive and stronger. But since graduation, I have decided to stop dancing simply because I knew I am not as passionate as some. Dance was simply an outlet for me enjoy and forget reality, rather than a profession. Futhermore, back then when I was 20yrs old, I thought I found love after graduation and was moving on into my next chapter in life. But sadly, I was wrong, hahah (: I was also poor (seeing that mummy cut all form of allowance), and I had to face reality that dancing will never pay any bills. So I to stop eventually and work my credibility as a teacher.

With Angel and Melody.

But just that Saturday (24th September 2011), I had a time of my life, relieving it as a dancer rather than a teacher. I helped out and performed in NUS; The Next Wave 2011. I was finally back on stage in costume, moving. The feeling was simply indescribable, I felt myself again for those mere 20mins on stage, dancing my life out. I felt so innocent, trying to tell the world the real Denise.

Unmasked and raw, and still finding herself.

Really, so much have happened during the past 3years. Things I do now, I would never ever thought of doing it back then. I would always play it safe, be that good girl that everyone thought I would and forever will be. But I have grown so much, learning to stand up after each and every fall, in tears but nevertheless forced myself. And finally, I think I am ready to take a tiny risk! I can’t confirm anything yet, but maybe especially after watching that damn movie, “Crazy Stupid Love”. I feel so inspired, as told by Peggy who told me I would (:

LOL but now, tell me since when movies and reality ever mix.


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

2 thoughts on “Let the music take control, and cry if you need to.”

  1. Then don`t retired from dancing!!!!!!continued dance!!!!!
    Although been a teacher is not so tired but sooner or later you will miss the feelings when you were on stage!!!=D

    1. Thank you! Hahahaha I do miss dancing time to time. And in fact, my friend is helping me not to be so lazy, and get me to dance more :p Next major stuff, Lasalle thesis showcase (:

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