When a Blondie turned back, all things fail!

I recalled just that Friday night.

Just you think life is getting boring, you just have to trust your girlfriends to do the job of lightening up the week. The whole month of September was decidable a boring month. As much as it was fun in a way, with all my dancing and crazy friends, the same old routine of work and rehearsals with no play was simply killing me. So to kick start my 1st week of October, I met up with my favourite girls at Sauce.

The usual gossips of whatnot shall be kept and remained between us girls. Cause you never know who will decided to be that bitchy and published it somewhere for the whole-world-wide-web to see.

So anyways, thinking about how failed I am trying to change abit of me, certainly tickle my funny bones. I remembered that Friday, after so long, I thought of playing dress-up (since I have been in my usual slacks of dance pants and sneakers for the past month). Furthermore, since I am turning 24 in another 6months or less, I thought to myself,

“Hey why not try something new and demure for the night. Something flowy and just above the knees. Something pastel instead of my blacks. And certainly something dainty, without the bandage.”

With all the time in the world, I decided to try the new look out.. AND. I. FAIL. BADLY. PERIOD. I was thinking,

“Seriously~!! I can’t pull it off at all?!!”

Maybe that moment, I just don’t feel like being a demure girl that night, for I miss a little bit of naughtiness and fun. Afterall, you can only be good for so long to somebody if they in return, gave you the same or at least some form of required commitment back. If not, there is so much you can do, to make it work. So in another words, move on in life.

So anyways, I changed out of it the pastel dress (saved for day events of wedding and high-tea) and donned in my very best (: Imagine, champagne-coloured dress covered in black lace slightly-shift dress (I managed not to pull out my bandage dresses). Let down my hair, which I changed it to black, and slapped on simple smoky but intense wing-tipped eyeliner. And finally I slipped into my good black heels, and viola, I am decently demure but with a bit of skin showing (:

And finally, I looked me! All set to kill, but bored to entertain that night. Urghhhh, I shouldn’t bother dressing up so nice, now that I have come to think of it.

Oh wells, til the next time, when someone tries to capture my heart then. (:

P.S: Urghhh I miss the time at Butter like aeons ago with the whole group. 5 of us are just the perfect match! I can’t wait for Halloween. (:


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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