Blackberry saved my life.

Okay and so, many of you have heard about it on my facebook. On the Friday night, I thrashed both my blackberry and camera at the exact time. DAMN, blame myself for being careless. And I was so depressed, more so for my bb as practically my social life depends on it.

So the story goes that, the girls were camwhoring and I needed to pee. And when I was out, there was a flight of stairs down, and I was happily asking if they spam-whore. And was such a busybody to check the pictures out, *bam* I missed a step and went slidding down the damn flight of stairs like as if it’s an actual slide. FUCKING FREE SHOW FOR EVERYONE! Just kill me then, literally.

The 1st thing I thought of was “SHIT MY PRECIOUS!!

And true to my horror, my dearest bb died in front of my very eye. The screen when white, and no matter what I do I can see no shit. I was weeping (not literally), and my heart smashed in million pieces. And I turned to look my left hand, and saw my camera disfigured with the len hanging and all crooked. And I was like “Damn this can’t be happening.”

I was officially JINXED (a little more on that).

Went home, and I couldn’t sleep, knowing that I was out of touch with the damn world. And so, I woke up at 10am just to wake the whole family up and demand that I need to get out of the house and get a new Blackberry. And when my mother saw the gadgets, she is like,

” MY GOD! They saved your life. A FLIGHT OF STAIRS?! You could have twisted your ankle or worse break your legs. Then tell me how are you going to teach hmmmmmm. Who was there last night? Who jinxed you? You better pray to the Gods and thank them.”

HAHAHAHAHA epic max.

And so we went down to get my latest baby, Bold  9900. Initially, I was to pay a bloody freaking 548dsgd for it, and yes I was so depress but I was willingly to buy it at any cost. And the guy from the Hello shop, saw the look on my face, decided to step forward and help me out (:

He told me to cancel my internet service and get MIO home-bundle. To basically waiver off the bloody 300dollars of recennection. And on top that my monthly bill got reduced from 86sgd to like 65sgd, which 5sgd waiver off caller-ID and 30% off every single handphone bill in my family. OMFG!

I was a happy girl, it was almost like saying YES so loud on your wedding day. I was in seven heaven and simply soaring, that I was willingly to buy my brother’s Bold 9780. Hahahahaha, and daddy was pleased that everyone’s bill got cheaper thanks to my epic fall from the stairs.

Anyways, I am loving my blackberry and swore to take care of it as long as I can. Later after class, I will travel down to IOI plaza and see if I salvage my camera. LET’S PRAY THAT I AM IN LUCK AS WELL!


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