Take me to wonderland

Meeting up for teas and lunches are simply awesome, with so much to gosiip and update to.

Recently I have been going to town, acting like a taitai (without a single penny in my wallet) LOL (: Cause year-end is always the time to meet all my girlies from Lasalle, and simply talked about work and life. And recently topics have been diverted to me.Seriously, any opening topic would be, “And so, xiaoxiao how have you been..” with that dumbo questioning look. HOW WHAT DO YOU GUYS FIND OUT ABOUT ME!

Damn, am I really such an hot topic for them to pry and interrogate?

Just met Sharilyn for tea, and damn I think Coffee Club at 313 is our new favourite hang-out. We were talking about the recent new gossip topic, and we came to a revelation that some people simply need to grow a little, and stop acting like “princess”.  Anyways, I am mad excited that she is one step closer to getting her 1st proper job after graduation. That means she is one step closer to being a full-fledge working adult, and soon she will crave for that mid-week chill-out! LOL (:

You have a strong feeling about someone who’s rather new in your world. It may be positive, or it may not. The thing that’s bothering you is that you don’t know where this feeling is coming from or what it’s based on. You want to trust it, but you’re afraid to. After all, you may have made a poor choice or two in recent months, and you probably don’t trust yourself. But that’s the wrong way to approach things. You have keen intuition, Pisces. Just because you made a mistake along the way doesn’t matter. In the big picture you’ve been far more accurate in your insights than most people. You need to get back to trusting yourself again.


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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