Monday Gossip

Met the girls, Menghooi and Alice for a simple luncheon, and long amazing gossip catch-up and awesome shopping trip, that made me buy another 3 more dresses. Fucking thank god, women clothing is cheap! Haha (:

I needed to get some lowdown on their lives, but instead I got shot down first by their endless curiosity. So much for being a private person. Now seriously, under the damn awesome sun (for a change in December), with a messy kebab in my hands and trying to keep up with bullets of questions thrown at me.

Can’t a girl finish her kebab?

Shopping at FEP, seriously can make anyone go crazy! The shoes and dresses and endless fashion, just make anyone want to buy the whole place down, but of course I am always trying to be on the budget. Need it, cause my wardrobe can’t fit anymore clothes, and while the shoe cabinet is over-run by my shoes. Even with all that reason, I still managed to buy more stuff. I just hoped that my wardrobe just don’t burst on me, and drown myself in my own clothes. LOL (:


Caught “Happy Feet 2” and it is just as cute as the 1st movie, with more singing, and funnier characters. But I can’t help but to think that it is almost as similar as “Ice Age 2” with the storyline, the two planktons (a clear spin-off of the crazy fugly squirrel). That is with a dash of musical overload. But nonetheless, it is adorable and amusing from the start to the finish.

Damn, I cannot imagine round 2 next Monday, when them doing their hair and tempting me get a new change.

Anyways, pictures from the concert. I am like one hell of a proud mama (: My girls are good, period.


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