Interesting to know that people are still curious to see how am I doing.

FUCKING MOVING ON, you dumb twit. Cause I want to watch you ‘interesting’ life. Period. How I wished I can bump into you, and see how your life is currently. Pretty much how it started, ON A STANDSTILL. But nonetheless, I am happy for you? Since it is your ‘wonderful’ life and not mine.

You are old news, don’t keep trying to see if you have made an impact in my life.

That is just STUPID.


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

5 thoughts on “INTRIGUE”

  1. Well said Babe!!! =) He can live ‘his life’ and we both are sooooo gonna watch the drama unfolds!! =) Ok, let’s include JD in the watching as well!! Teehee!!!

    1. BABE! I AM SO FUCKING ANNOYED CAN! Seriously how stupid can he get? I thought he is over it? But never really was?! C’mon, ain’t he supposed to shower “love and care” for his wife? Thought he just got married?

      1. He just want to know that he’s still important to you and that you still can’t get over him!! So all the more you should let him know that you long OVER him and that you’re living THE life!! =D Getting married is one thing, but still trying to get his pants into other ladies’ skirts, is another~ =P

  2. HAHAHA JOEY!! THAT IS MAD FUNNY (: KNowing him like how we do, I am sure he can’t keep his hands to himself.Anyways, we need to meet up pls. I have something to tell you, or rather share with you. And you will be like uber happy for me, that is sure.


    1. Yes im less sick now!! But gotta be after im back from bali alr!! 😦 next wk swarmed with other friends’ meetups cuz all wanna catch me before xmas.. Lolx.. I’ll be back on 25th.. Maybe can do on the 29th for dinner?? 🙂

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