Never try to be funny

Seriously, I shouldn’t ask for something I can’t handle. But I do have to admit that I had a lot of fun.

Friday, instead of Butterfactory. Head down to St.James for a night of supposedly a quiet chill-out.

But of course, that turned out to be a lie, as usual. I needed the free air, cause I was PMS-ing and emo-ing and it’s never a good thing to just coop in my room. So met Sharilyn and Alex, with their friends. It was supposed to be an “oh-just-a-round” for the emo girls, but Powerhouse was too good to give up. The music was amazing, and I actually and surprisingly bumped into my secondary school friends. Can you actually beat that! Hahaha, I could actually meet people in St.James.

Simply just get out of here..

So I was half-chilling, half dancing, but pretty much was like sitting most of the time. And just as I had enough,that was when the real party started. FML LOL (:

Headed down to Boiler with Wendy and her friends, and they are insanely funny! Can never imagine them being so keen, on the balls about dancing. Almost reminded me of Butterboys, only maybe a bit more funnier and random. Cause they don’t seem to need much of booze. And the party should have ended like at 4am, but no they have to drag my ass to Dragonfly, and that’s went the real drinking start. To see Wendy drink man, and totally drown the guys out, made my JAW DROPPED. She drinks like a damn sailor, only prettier. I would have joined the guys, if not for dancing god (: Who helped me finish quite a fair bit of my share.


By 5plus, the real nightmare starts. Had to send the guys home (Fabian & Keane) back, cause they are in terrible shape and I was last man (or  woman for that matter) STANDING. To cut the story short, basically went around Singapore, til the cab driver kicked us out of the cab, couldn’t find a damn hotel til like I got fed-up and ordered uncle to drive me to City Hall and throw Fabian into the damn room. Urghhhhhh, my limbs were aching from trying not to let him fall, and dragging his ass up from every possible seat, stairs or floor.

What is this really! Damn, I was so worn out, and we only managed to get a room at 7.30am. So imagine me, trying to hunt down just a damn room. And imagine the cabbing about, and seriously that god the fare hike wasn’t implement yet, if not, I would just died.


At Fairmont, I just shamelessly took his card to swipe. Seriously I wasn’t planning to pay for him, when clearly I could have just left him in front of the public library where uncle kicked us out at. With his damn head hanging dangerously above his own puke. Urgh!

Enough of the horrible night, which was half amusing and half nightmare. It caused me a good night at Butterfactory with epic BBK Invaders.Too tired and too achy to get out, period. I sleep through, only to have just that single meal, at 7pm.

Fabian, you own me a damn huge one! Blah!

Anyways, picture from Butter Cookies 3rd anniversary (:


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