Christmas Week, with everyone special in my heart.

Honestly, the love is going around and around. And I am always smiling, at the tiny things.

It is the time of the year for meet-ups and “guest appearances” to all parties and events. And I have decided to learn how to cook, starting with Korean hangover remedies. Hahaha seriously I need such things. And Bruce swore that the damn fucking soups works, since he is a Korean and Koreans are known to drink like sailors.

It was a long weekend, with Filter and Butterfactory (Note to self: don’t ever club hop again) that made me so high. That I had a hangover on Sunday, flying myself down to NUS UCC Hall to be xiao mummy’s official make-up artist/loud hailer. LOL the kids were so loud, and chatty that I couldn’t take it and took over the disciplinary side. All thanks to the hangover and headache of course. HAHA (:

Anyways so the Christmas week begins with yesterday. I had a full day starting from 11am, with lack of sleep and food (since I had only a meal on Sunday). Rush down for my waxing appointment before I went down to Raffles City to treat the ballet girls Christmas Lunch. I was tickled and so stuffed that I was sleepy and yawning all the way down to Simei, to run rehearsals. Seriously the weather was not helping by being this cold and that wet.Thank god, for my boots.

Boots are made for walking (:

After rehearsal, trained back down to Raffles City for Christmas dinner with my all-time-favourite (: Dinner with them are very rare cause we always have our own activities, plus work, plus rehearsals, plus dancing (for some). Dinner at a lovely Irish Italian place, O’Gambinos.

Pictures (:

Oh no, I have another Christmas dinner LATER! Talk about being fat!


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