AOS DJ Launch Party

OMG, it can be said to be one of the best nights. Last night was the bomb. Love it, enjoy it, drink it, dance it (: And to party with the girls, and other friends all around,  you can figure out how the whole night goes.


Jokes and laughter lasted through the night. And I apparently got my dance battle with a certain “French dude” who I must add, was a total epic fail. Clearly he couldn’t win me, and continued to try his stupid moves on me. Think “kneeling down on one knee’, which it was his signature move most of the time. Hahaha maybe he was trying to be “lomantica”.

The MCs for the night were off the hook, all quite a looker in their own style and with one trying to hook me. I was flattered, speechless, but nonetheless not swayed by the sweet-nothings. LOL saw alot of epic characters too, last night. We certainly had a damn good laugh and a good deal of mocking. Imagine, a girl with FOX TAIL HANGING OUT OF HER DAMN BUTT! It was a sight, and I didn’t think being a fox vixen can be that literal. Or what about the dancers in frilly panties, urghhhh I honestly do not understand the “Less is more” in this sense. But hey, the boys digs it, some girls envy them. SO whatever works isn’t it. Or maybe, this whole “Less is more” is to cover up their substandard dancing, cause clearly there were some better dancers being ‘demoted’ to the background just cause they were more covered up. LOL

And so after such a night, come Sunday morning. I felt so refreshed for the 1st time, so clearly I needed the night out. It have indeed been such a long time since I do such shit. Went to work, and I had a bimbo moment, I thought the studio was closed and just as I was about to leave. LOL Wendy came along (:

Sunday was just so chilling.

Now people, how was your weekends!


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