Monday Blues, what?!

Today have been such a foodie outing. First, I took 40mins to walk from my place to Jalan Kayu, just to grab hold of my beloved roti prata and maggie goreng. I swear, I have had the craving for the LONGEST TIME EVER. And since it is considered a sinful brunch, I trick myself in believing that if I were to walk there and back. Technically, the prata calories will be gone. HAHAHA.

But alas, my mood was dampened just a little by Jeremy Tay. After he texting me to inform that, to lose one prata, I have to jog 10 rounds. DEFUG, I know. Le sigh. Well, brunch was already inside my tummy, swimming about and making friends with my fats. Just a notch too late.

LOL (:

Met Menghooi, for a quick shoe shopping. And managed to hunt down awesome pair of sneakers for JUST 20SGD! I mean it is practically sales item already. I told her to JUST BUY it, cause she would be a total fool not to. And plus, it is from H&M, how not to love anything from there. I spotted a nice maxi-dress and just maybe I shall return, one of these days, to buy that lovely dress. If only I can find it, cause H&M, honestly is a mess, with lack of floor staff. TSK

We decided to be too tired too early, and plonked ourselves quite comfortably at Haagen-Dazs. I have no words to describe, except..


I thought I would be heading back, and but in the end, I met up with Andy Wee. And decided randomly to join Alex Law for some dinner. We were supposed to just watch him eat, BUT I join in the damn fun ): I know, it was the defug moment. My mouth just totally needed to be sealed.

I just keep eating, just keep eating~

I thought I would finally STOP! But I couldn’t, simply went home to polish off dinner. HAHAHAHAHAHA I swear to you, today is one hell of a day, for my busy little mouth. LOL and to think that I lied to myself, this morning about the 1hr 20mins walk back and forth from home to Jalan Kayu.

Now seriously, people don’t tempt me anymore. I have a weak heart and will. TSK


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