Enjoy the moment, and this moment alone.

You got to love your life, when you know that you can’t have it any other way.

I have met so many walks of life, and I am having a blast at it. I have understand human nature a bit more, and I have understand myself a little bit more.Over the course of rediscovering myself, I have notice and understand myself just a little better. It is almost as if I have rekindle my relationship with well, myself.

I have to admit, I am a romantic.

I love to come home to someone who kisses me on the forehead, and told me that I am beautiful every single day. Even the days where I am really down, brawling my eyes out. It will instantaneously make my day go better in a flash.I love moments where you don’t speak and watch televisions together or even read the Sunday’s Time together. Not a word, but the connection.

But I have to admit too, I don’t share very well.

And when I mean, sharing it is my thoughts and opinion. I hide too much that sometimes, I am virtually unreadable. The most you can dig up is that something is wrong, especially if I drink too much, or MIA from any chat groups or conversations.

And as at right of now, I can’t find someone that share that special something. Many of a times, I thought that person could be, but many of a time, time do help you realised that he is will be same mistake. Cause let me tell you, men never respect women much. Never in a billion years ago and never will in any near future.

Before you start calling me a feminist, I can already list you a lot of things to justify myself.

First of all, no matter what happens, men will always treat us like a “maid”. Seen it done in my household, seen guys around me complain too much. And certainly I have past experiences to boost (hahaha that sound like I am throwing in my CV of experiences). Men are undoubtedly need women to be around, cause they don’t seem to function well without us. Whether to fetched the papers for them, or set dinner for them. Or even complain the minute problem of a backache, we are there to massage, or slap on Salonpas on them.

Before you choke-slam me with defensiveness. I have to admit that one thing, we are whiny creatures and utterly hard to please too, and not to mention down right fickle-minded.

A friend once mention (or rather a pair of twins), that when a woman say something, men are expected to perform miracles. HAHA and I found this to be true. But in my defends, I replied saying that because we can’t solve it, we let the men do it for us. Hahaha and besides, isn’t the men supposed to be all macho-hero looking and save the day?

That’s is why we love action films, cause all men are supposed to like the leading actor and saves the day (:

Men always think of us as sex objects, the look they have in their eyes is enough to know what they are thinking. I once told a guy friend that girls take hours to painstakingly dress up not for men, but rather for the women. We all know men just want to see what is underneath those clothes. So why bother to dress-up for them when they ultimately want to strip us out of it?

But for the women, LOL we dress to impress and make every single little bitch JEALOUS OF US. It is the cold-hard truth, and girls please do not deny, cause deep down it is true. We don the best stuff, to let women envy and want to be us. Please! Do you really think that men care what scent we used, or what bag we carry, or what is the trend of the season? Honestly, all they do is just wonder what goods we have under those clothes, and whether we are faking it with those fillers in our bra. LOL or what type of panties or g-strings (which is better).

Men loves to say things that hurts our feelings. And they know that very well, and most of the time, they do not say things in fits of anger, they say it simply to hurt. Period. I experience those so many times, that I am almost numb, but nonetheless still hurt by what the words that came out of their mouth. It is almost as if they couldn’t win the argument and decided to end it by silencing us off. Painful but true, men can always be that heartless, if they need to. And they complain that we don’t care for them enough. Honestly how many hours a day can any women shower their utmost attention on a single man, without caring the 1st and foremost, which is themselves.

Women have suffered taking care of everybody but themselves. And I am still doing the same old shit, because I cared too much for everyone.I have a lot of logic, but sometimes we close both eyes and go ahead with it. And thus, leading to our own destruction.

I know, I may sound all too negative. And many who say “well you have not find the right one”. But hey, facts of life, you can’t survive on just blind love. You need someone who respect you enough, to even consider. You need to stand up for yourself, and say “Hey I am sorry, but I love myself more.” Before you could even consider letting someone into your precious life.

It is only then, you understand the true meaning of love. And not those silly “true love” LOL, that is an insider joke, that only close friends knows.

But yes, right person is out there when you love yourself 1st. And I am doing just that (:


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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