Never listen to your mummy, if you know your future job is like mine.

By the time you are reading this, I would be enjoying my time in Krabi, Thailand with some good, fun-loving friends.

Many a times, people would ask me THIS SILLY RANDOM QUESTION~ and if I were to ask just 10cents for every single it is being ask. I can fairly say that I am able to buy an air ticket to Taiwan maybe. Can you imagine that! For the past two years, I have been constantly asked this very silly question.

I know, I am virtually pathetic. Like c’mon I have friends that broke up the same time as me, had a boyfriend, broke up with boyfriend, and now is seeing someone seriously..

Let me have it, LE SIGHHHHH..

And what about me, single dateless and #foreveralone (As what my brother wished me on Valentines Day) LOL.

Before you go ahead when either the endless judging or showing me empty sympathy. Let me tell you why am I #foreveralone. Because everything in life is a choice, and it is my choice to BE SINGLE.

I can already foresee that this post would be another lengthy one.

First of all, do you remember the time where your mom will nag at you, “find someone when you start working. Concentrate on school, don’t be distracted.” Well I am proud to say that I was that girl wore harry potter glasses in her school days, and that actually listens to her mother. Imagine that, the wild child was a goody two shoes kind. LOL never rebellious, always listen. Okay that is besides the point (shall leave it for another post), the fact that I did not have a boyfriend till after my college was probably cause I was so absorb in dance, with the silly little dream of being a professional. Only to know, it is never that possible, when my family issues and the society support. And besides, I didn’t think much, cause I was young. VERY YOUNG!

But alas, when it is the time comes to actually start having one (side note, my parents are already pressurizing me. Something I would thought never happen to the modern-day society. But it still exist), it is damn difficult to actually find one. Let me explain further. The reason why I am ALWAYS #foreveralone, is my job.

Who do you expect me to date? The kids daddies? Or the kids older brothers? Or the bosses’ husband?

Honestly, there is no way I can bump into someone great and just date in a snap. I am not as lucky as some of my friends, who let say is in the white collar industry. Or even any job given.

Don’t get me wrong, but I love my job and I am happy just seeing my students. I love spending time when the crazy bunch, cause they make me genuinely happy, with no air of arrogance or judgement. And when I am with them, I can breathe easy.

But people have a weird way of thinking, and wondering, probably there is seriously something wrong with me. And I am not loving myself again, throwing herself at people, being all desperate. Blah blah blah..

Seriously, you got to use a bit of brain juice.

I hate it when everyone is giving me “defug is she still single“. Something must be wrong with her, especially when after her broke-up. Well guys, it is not easy okay. I met him before I started working (the in between period of graduation and my 1st job) and gave up a lot of dream and work  but let’s not go there. And so after everything, I was and am fighting hard in work, and naturally party hard.

Yes there is another , you might say, in finding guys. But we all know that clubbing boys are not to be trusted. And of course 40% of the girls in the club, but sadly majority always try to find love in clubs and get hurt.

Getting back to point, I was happy again, cause I am what I am with dance, life and myself. I was blissfully happy, till many like to remind me how much I am alone, in this world. Than you, seriously. It is not that I want to, but life is just what life is. And I never like to spoil friendship for over something so silly and easily broken. People who know me well enough, know what I am like.

I can’t afford to hope any more.

Anyway, so people I am sorry, stop asking me stupid questions about me being #foreveralone. Till someone do love me for what I am crazy, random party girl who loves her job and students and deserve every respect she should get. Then yes, I might actually fallen in deep again.

P.S. just as I am typing this, someone asked me a stupid question again. SERIOUSLY!


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