When the girls got younger, they just looked older.

Just a few weeks back, friends and I went down to OverEasy to chill. And in case you don’t know (you should shoot yourself in the head), it is just under The Butterfactory. So, bimbotic moment, I was cracking my head of thinking what to wear, what shoes to match and what sort of hairstyle should be done. After a near 2hours, I am done (yes I know, girls are impossible), and on my way down to One Fullerton.

As I was walking on the impressive “grand entrance”, everyone was staring at me, and I started to panic. While making my way down, I hoped that I didn’t take a miss step and tumbled to my death. I was self-concious and thinking, if I wore something terrible. And just we found a nice table to settle in, my friend asked “Is it me, or do the girls dressed sluttier and older? Clearly they are barely even twenty.”

I turned around and have a look, and yes I notice so many underage kids swarming the place, in oh-so-short dresses. Don’t get me wrong but I do have my fair share of uber short bandage dresses. LOL hardly wear them, unless I am up for it with the girls.

And suddenly I feel old. LOL

Okay that is besides the point. Here is the thing, do you remember being barely 18yrs old slapping on thick make-up (stage make-up standard), and slipping in uber sky-scrapper high heels and donning the tiniest dress ever? Do you?

I sure don’t.

Clubbing have been such quite a culture, of recent late. The young want to be in the scene, mid-twenties are using it to socialise and expand their circle. And thirties are the “been there done that”. Mind you, I am talking about those who are in the industry, making a name of themselves and not someone who goes there and pay to enter, to be part of the crowd.

I have my fair share of clubbing experience, and the who’s who and clubbing ethic is fairly stressful. It is sadly a pretentious culture, but everyone wants to be in it. I think I happened to stumbled into it, after an unfortunate turn of life event. But hey, I cannot deny the fun it provides, and the amazing walks of life I have met.

And four years later, here I am standing outside the very club I still patronise, looking at the young crowd, trying to buy their way in. The thick-makeup and falsies, and highly irritating giggles are enough to make me cringe in annoyance. Boy, have the direction of promoting the club have changed. In the past, it used to be fun and free. Now talk about the the “red carpets” and “glamour”, these people dress to be seen, hook and impress. It is always a competition, the everyone is looking for that 10 second of fame. Be it the 3 second chugging down from the Belvedere bottle, or the pimping things up with shades. It is quite a sight.

What is interesting now, girls with almost twice as old boyfriends, is another whole new element to this clubbing culture. I am always stunned to see them in  pairs, linking up and leaving together. I always wonder if I could bring myself to it. But sadly, a big fat NO.

Damn it, if not. You could say hello to my new friends, Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Lowve, Tods, Bottega and Balenciaga. 

And I found the, being very ridiculous, holding onto their champagne glasses, clinking away, but never seemed to finish that single glass. Camwhoring making hilarious facial expressions, or simply sitting there like a vase and look pretty young things. But alas, men do dig stupid things like these.

Honestly don’t these men know that they are severely under-aged? Do you know that make-up do wonders, literally. Proven and tested, guys. Don’t be that dumb and be fooled.

And now, I wonder if I am ranting cause I am outside drinking my amazing night away, and unable to catch up. Or that I am plain annoyed by these young girls, cause half of the time, they are standing there wasting space. LOL


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