How can you be so sure?

A friend once asked me, while having dinner + drinks with him, why was I so sure to be married. How did I know if he was the one.

And all I can say was, “I was ready then. I felt that right, and I want to move onto the next chapter of life. Then I felt this way, now as well.”

What I didn’t tell him that it is not easy for someone like me who fall in love. And when the moment comes, I don’t fuck around and toy with it. I just don’t. What my ex-boyfriend did to me, was based on his terrible character. But I have never toy with anyone that I treasure. I may seem over-friendly, but at the end of the day. I know where the line is drawn.

I always treat anyone who is close to me very seriously. I cared for them more so than for myself, and I am always on “standby” if anyone needs my help. So while my friends have such great attention, let alone someone I love. I may sound like I am desperate and jump at any opportunity to get married. But seriously, looked at where I am now.

I am just an romantic, and I am the kind who doesn’t waits for the world to die. If it felt right, and everyone is on the same page. I will be what I was then, and jump at the right moment. 2 years ago, it felt right. And 2years on, I am still the same person, only stronger.

As much as the pressure is very much on me, and many have tried to “introduce” (with I personally found it a total bullshit), such stuff can’t be forced upon on me. And certainly I am not changing myself for someone, as some would “kindly” suggest that I change my lifestyle.


When a person introduce someone, who they thought is great for you. Let me tell you, they are ALWAYS WRONG. From appearance to character and to the vibe, EVERY SINGLE THING. I swear, coming from experience, as much as they have good intentions but seriously if you were out in my shoes, you will understand my annoyance.

First of all, your single girlfriend is introducing you to someone who she raved that is totally awesome. Then tell me, why don’t she grab him for herself? Why if he is that awesome, she is willing to sacrifice and give him to you with such graciousness.

Think! I shall not say anything further. LOL

Secondly, why should I listen to people who thinks that they care, that I should change myself. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? It was a mistake in the past, that I lost my good friends because he hated them. And wouldn’t it be stupid to lost yourself, for someone who actually don’t like you, but rather the model girl, every guy dream of?

Think, will you be honestly happy?

But with everything that is being sad, I am still positive in finding love. Cause I am a pisces, and a silly romantic. Nothing beats that, really. So all I need is someone, who can understand me fairly well enough, to respect and appreciate.

It is that simple.


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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