Club ain’t the place

“Have you been seeing anyone lately?” is the question that I am consistently being bombarded at.

Truly, is it that interesting to keep asking about my personal life. I know, and I understand. I have been seriously and pathetically single for almost 2years now. When my ex-bf is happily married (detailed stories shall not be repeated). But that does not mean that I lose out in life.

C’mon, there are many ways to have your fun. And I have to admit I have met a lot of people. Mostly great, a few highly disappointing especially a supposedly “dear” friend of mine. Whom I thought know me well enough, but apparently life lesson taught me to never trust anyone. And he have proven himself so.

Okay, that is besides the whole point. LOL.

The main issue is this. I may party like a rockstar, drink like an alcoholic, curse like a sailor and certainly dance like a slut. BUT NO IN THE HELL MIND, would I try to date anyone from the club seriously. LOL So what if there is tons of guys clamouring for me, or rich boys, or good-looking guys, or handsome DJs. But hello, didn’t your mama teach you.

Club isn’t the way to do it.

God-knows what I have seen in these clubs I patronise. And I swear, if you are looking at love, you are looking for the wrong place, honey. Sure, if you want to have a wee-bit of fun and games, no one will judge or care. Or at least certainly not from me, I can’t say much for some whom I have know.

I have people asking me why am I single, when I am always surrounded by people, great rich guys, and many successful people. But you know how people always put on a mask, well in any given club, everyone puts on at least a few layers. Kind of reminds me of those Chinese face-changing acts. Whose and which face do you really trust, is the question that you will constantly keep asking.


As given to my first ranting of “why am I single”, it is never easy for me to begin with and certainly it is even harder for me now.

I need someone who much more. Someone who isn’t selfish, and someone who actually cares for me. Not just for the superficial needs but someone who knows me deep down. I know money can buy 99.99% of happiness, but that is not what I want. Money comes and go, but trust and mutual respect is hard to come by. And so when it does, I know that guy respects me as a person.

Till that moment, please stop asking stupid questions.


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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