We are still young

Sunday have always been good, waking up to see the boy’s face and a lot of lazy time in bed snuggling, before I get booted out of bed to get ready for classes at Sunset Way. And it is always nice to be picked up by him, and had some easy food with the twins.

Little surprises from time to time do make me.

And what do you know, we went blading along east coast park (: It had been an awfully long time since I blade, and I need some getting hang of. Just like what he say, “You can’t lose it, it is just like sex. You body remembers.”

(: eh what?

He and his surprises, never fail to make me smile. Just like when I said I wanted to watch Batman, and on the opening night. He told me that it will be full house in all theatre. But what do you know, he managed to get tickets for us and surprised me. Although, it was a little failed, since he forgotten that he had some birthday dinner to attend to. But nonetheless, we went, after a quick drop by to wished the birthday girl.

Now he is off to S.Africa for his usual business trip out Just this morning, taking the usual 2am flight. And should have already landed 12nn local time, 6.30am S.A time. Hopefully he take cares of himself, because like what he says, “I am your baby, you have to take care of me!” LOL, men! Simply can’t do without women.

10 free days to myself, time to for catching up to do. Starting with Timbre tomorrow, with the girls (: And alot of Champagne to giggle with.



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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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