MIDWEEK: Jazz and the boys

What an awesome Wednesday. Finally the sky decided to let down some heavy showers in the afternoon, and Olypmics is making the whole family can’t sleep.

Met up with Patricia and the twins for an unusual midweek night, at Blu Jazz on Bali Lane. The musicians were jamming their hearts out. And my boy decided to whip out his iPhone to play some games! Tsktsk, why did I love a little boy who have new games to entertain himself? So I decided that we should just leave early, and he went on to be a glutton and bought beancurd from Rochor Beancurd. It was amusing for someone who is terrible in Chinese (having a track record of F9) to speak better than the boy himself. To hear comments from the china lady telling me to go home, and brush up his Mandarin was hilarious. (:

Went back home, just in time to catch the Artistic Gym boys in action. And they are just way too cute, and totally drool worthy. That Andrew decided to call me an SPG! But Marcel Nyugen is on the Hot scale of 100 (: The girls have decided to have kids like him, a ladies man, with too much sizzle to touch. LOL.

I can’t wait for this Saturday trip out at sea to catch the fireworks (: Should be fun, especially with Andrew, and friends. And not to mention, today shall be the last day for school week, cause next week will be full fun pack National Day surprises.

Loving the work.


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