Weekend: Parties and laughter

Seriously, a good weekend well spent. Woke up EARLY on a Saturday morning, after a massive crazy GIRLS NIGHT OUT. And I swear, such a crazy massive hangout should only happen once every 2 months. As what Andrew said, “Too much to handle.” He was clever to make a speedy run, after dropping me off at Gallery Hotel, after Moet & Chandon’s Imperial Ice event at Prive.

6 bottles of 1.5l crazy Moet was waiting for us. And a few massive rounds of crazy Belvedere. And soon all the crazy fun BEGINS! (:

So anyways, I headed out to buy the ingredients for the Chocolate Cornflakes for a potluck dinner. What a shocker, everyone have to add to remind me. LOL and Shin said Andrew feed me some “domestication pills”. Hahaha doesn’t matter cause my chef boy baked a real mean awesome Salmon. I am saved from kitchen work. LOLOLOL, for now.

After dinner, I flew east for Sharilyn 21st Birthday celebration! Reminds me of mine, all 4years ago ): Ageing rapidly, although I remembered mine like it was yesterday! Missed the cake cutting. But never mind, good Saturday well spent talking and laughing and joking about with the whole clique. Well into the night, and we had Macs for supper. Cause blame me for a stupid craving for Mac fries (: SO we all had to get some Mac because I tempt everyone.

Sunday, another early morning activity of having Red Star’s famed dimsum for brunch before catching a re-donk-culous movie, “The Bourne Legacy”. Baby was nearly sleeping, on my shoulder and complaining. And I felt the last statement whereby the leading actress said “I rather be lost.” is so apt. Well, lady we were definitely lost. The director had proven his point. LOL.

We went back to have my chef boy inspired to cook for me again. Hehehehe, but angsty chef is as demanding as ever. So I am left the task to calm him down. LOL while the rest, Andy, Pauline and kids flew away from the scene of the crime. Lazy chill out after dinner, and the boys were playing with Wii while I was playing with Joey! She is a bundle to handle. LOL, but nonetheless relatively easy!

Good teacher skills put in awesome use. As always.

Hi-tea with the girls. We needed it, time for some “tai tai” lifestyle. LOL


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