Do you remember

I guess you can say that I am blessed? My girlfriends stuck by me, through every stages of my life. From those days in secondary school to the days in Lasalle, with me coming out as an “adult” finding love, climbing the career ladder and finally crashing to the new lowest point..

Just when I thought my days in Lasalle was hard, and gruelling. The world is harsher. Stuff you learnt everyday in school never to be compared with the life lessons learnt outside my comfort shell.

Some of my girlfriends skipped into life with  happier news, of which they took a leap of faith to a huge chapter in their life. Whereas others, have to take a sudden turn in their route. Some of which I have known them since I was 13, and some are newly forged. And while some distanced themselves from me, others just understand me a little bit better. But nonetheless, all my girlfriends grew up together with me, and most went on to make their mark in different working industries.

And while we are so different, one can’t help but to noticed how similar we all are. How we still secretly just want the best for each other, or how they are always supportive and happy for you. We may have our bickering moments, catfights and strained relationships. But no doubt, I know they are there for you, a phone call away.

2012 has brought many happy occasions and lovely memories, that I can’t help but to thank everyone.

So many had happened in the past, that I thought there is simply to end to it. A nightmare, due to a single mistake on my part, took a major toll on me. A hasty bad choice in a person, taught me that in life we shouldn’t give any more than we could. I had given him my all, and in return was a shattered heartbreak of betrayal. A career change that led me to explore more, and in return wondered if I had ever made the right choice. A bad choice in knowing a friend, taught me to always trust my instinct.

But as the new semester of the year begins, we all gathered once more to talk about the past, life, and love. Meeting those girls from the secondary school days, do bring many great memories. Seeing them in their respective life, some married while others are having kids, sure do make me feel old. What ever happened to being just a teen! LOL. And not to mention, finally a nice proper gathering of the whole gang at Timbre continued the thunderous laughter, we had in Krabi-days. Andrew and Andy entered into my life, and we became the trio, never to be separated and good moments are constant forged. And of course, not to forget the boy, whom stumbled in unknowingly.

I must say, I am contented.


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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